The Hand of God

An official entry to Nation Novel Writing Month 2008.

nanowrimo08 participant

Current Word Count: 15126

The Hand of God is my attempt at a 50,000-word first draft novel for NaNoWriMo ’08. It is about a group of people who find themselves with certain abilities of Jesus mentioned in the Bible. It illustrates their personal struggles and the changes their abilities bring, and hopefully will introduce a little plot to explain the meaning and purpose of their abilities.

This page is dedicated to the story, and my attempt at winning my first NaNoWriMo. I’ll post updates here, excerpts, maybe even the entire thing. I just want to be clear that this is a first draft though. Nothing here is final.

Please support me by nagging me if the word count above is red. That means I’m behind on my word count. If it’s green, congratulate me. That means I’ve managed a miracle. -_-

The Hand of God

Chapter One – Goodbye Mr. Timothy – DONE – 2031 words

Chapter Two – A World of Invisible People – DONE – 1594 words

Chapter Three – After Tonight – DONE (tentative) – 1779 words

Chapter Four – Meeting God for the First Time – DONE (outline) – 1149 words

Chapter Five – Strangers – DONE (outline) – 888 words

Chapter Six – Behind the Church – DONE (outline) – 1314 words

Chapter Seven – The Breakfast Table – DONE (outline) – 546 words

Chapter Eight – In The Year of Our Lord – DONE – 1636 words

Chapter Nine – The Living and the Dead – DONE (outline) – 1120 words

Chapter Ten – The Fisher of Men – In Progress – 1092 words

Chapter Eleven – Abigail – In Progress – 367 words

Chapter Twelve – Ena’s Story – In Progress – 1610 words


3 responses

7 11 2008
NaNoWriMo - Day Seven - 6055 « behind hidden doors

[…] The Hand of God […]

8 11 2008

nag, nag nag!! wala kasi ako diyan kaya walang nag-na-nag sa yo. hehe

10 11 2008

*nag nag nag* 😀 Go go go, you can do it!

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