make me happy

it is so, so easy to make me happy.

send me some chocolate – yes, i enjoy chocolate.

post a comment – any blogger will tell you that they enjoy comments.

visit again – i have, like, three readers, dust, who is friendly enough to read my stuff, tep, who was bored enough one day to hit me 45 times (my all time high for hits in a single day), and my zee bibi, who eagerly awaits my next post and is privy to entries i will never post online. i am eternally grateful, guys.

link to this site – only if you like it. and it doesn’t need to be a permanent link, but it would be nice if you could link to it in a nice sentence, like “frank has a wonderfully written blog which you can visit over here. and do send him a box of chocolates. he likes those.” and i’ll link to your site too, but only if i like it. =)

give me some of the stuff on my wish list – currently my list includes just neil gaiman’s “fragile things” and robert o’brien’s “mrs frisby and the rats of nimh”. =) ooh, and chocolates. [wishlist updated below.]

share your blog – or website or multiply or, if you’ve nothing else, friendster. or share a nice blog or site or whatnot that you like. but if you have a blog, nicely written (hopefully) or chock full of interesting stuff, or even if it’s nothing special, really, i would like to check it out. i am extremely bored most of the time, and am constantly searching for things to read.

refer me to interesting things – if you have footage of a giant squid, for example, or if you’ve found a nice comic strip online, or simple things you think i might like to blog about. as mentioned, i’m a very bored guy. save me.

uh.. that’s about all i can think up for now. cheerio!


wish list:

  1. fragile things (neil gaiman) – collection of short stories
  2. mrs frisby and the rats of nimh (robert o’brien) – classic fable
  3. any haruki murakami book – except “norwegian wood”, which i’ve already read. (edit: i’ve also already read “the elephant vanishes”, “after dark”, and “blind willow, sleeping woman”)
  4. the life of pi (don’t know the author) – just coz i’m curious
  5. a certain slant of light (laura whitcomb) – her first novel. i read it halfway in powerbooks, but then it disappeared and I can’t find it anywhere. if you find it, let me know, i want to buy it.
  6. wild seed (octavia butler) – highly recommended by orson scott card, one of my favorite writers.

10 responses

15 09 2007

The life of Pi… Do you mean the book? The author is Yann Martel. I’ve read it in portuguese some time ago and just loved! It’s a great book!

16 09 2007

yup, the book. =)

16 12 2007

that book by yan martell is what i wrote down on that small piece of paper when we were asked to write down what we wanted for the kris kringle thing tomorrow!
im also lookin’ for fragile things but to no avail,i found good omens instead, hardbound edition for just 450 bucks! =)
found your blog through jute’s,im a lil’ bit confused as of the moment of moving out from blogdrive to either wordpress or blogspot.. hangin’ out here in your blog makes me think that wordpress will do.. blogdrive’s been a pain in the ass the past few days.. i hate to leave but i i cant stay that long anymore in blogdrive…heheh..

and now im blabbing,hahahha,=)..
id link you up in my new blog ,hopefully by january! new year,new blog! i like it here,=)..

17 12 2007

good omens is really good, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did. a friend of mine got fragile things in manila, so it should appear in cebu powerbooks soon as well (i’m assuming you’re from cebu).

regarding blogs, i’m still looking for a nice way to port my blogs from here to blogspot, so i would recommend blogspot over wordpress.

checking out your blog. cheers!

13 03 2008

nana koy life of pi!! =)

17 06 2008

I have two Murakami books, “Kafka on the Shore” and A collection of his shorts stories, “Vintage Murakami”.

21 06 2008

any talented writer would surely appreciate journals… =) care to comment on mine?

are you from cebu?

22 06 2008

your backlink goes to flickr. I see you make really nice books. ^^ do you do commissioned works? =)

if you have any written material, blogs, stories, journals or whatnot, let me know. I will gladly comment. (I find browsing through images much more tiring, hehe)

yup, i’m from cebu, but will be based in manila starting tomorrow.

2 07 2008

re: tschai’s blog, nagbebenta ata ng moleskine journals. ang fancy. ang mahal. parang di pang third world. hehe

9 08 2008

I apologize for using your sixth of August blog post, it referred to Hiroshima and the Atomic bomb. I always use a tip of the hat .gif to give credit to the original author. I sorry if you felt that i plagiarized your words.

I am truly sorry and had added you to my blogroll, where it will stay.

Please forgive me for this transgress of your blog, which I read and like. I only used it to show that people everywhere remember what happened on that date. By no means did I think that I was using your words as mine own. I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart for this indiscretion on my end and hope that you can find it in your hear to forgive me.

I wish you a stress free day and am truly sorry.

Could you let WP that issue has been resolved.

Thank you in advance, Greg Gable

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